Featured Accommodations


Luxury Hotels

There are many luxurious 4-5 star hotels across the UK. These hotels offer all the amenities of N. American-style hotels with pools, spas, room service, laundry service, fine dining and more. These hotels are typically located near the championship courses or in cities where more upscale activities are offered. If luxury is your desire then you’ve come to the right place! We are proud of the relationships we have with the best hotels across the British Isles.


Mid-range Hotels

Locally owned, mid-range hotels are the most common style of accommodations preferred by our guests. These hotels tend to be near golf courses and offer excellent rooms and a wonderful, hearty breakfast. These hotels often have lively pubs in house and can accommodate both small groups, and large tours. While there are many of these hotels to choose from, we have curated a list and developed relationships with these properties that include the favorites of our golfing travellers. Many of these hotels have built their reputation around serving the travelling golfer.


Manor House, Country Houses and Castles

Manor homes, country houses and castles are typically luxury accommodations and are located outside of the cities. These wonderful properties dot the British Isles are an excellent yet quieter way to experience the best of fine dining and the upscale golfing life. These properties offer many of the same amenities as luxury hotels but are located in the countryside. These accommodations are an excellent way to unwind after a long day on the links. We are pleased to offer these properties to couples and to the discerning golf traveller.


B&Bs - Local Bed & Breakfast

One of the best ways to get to know the locals is to stay in a B&B. These accommodations are almost always near a links and are hosted by friendly local families. These properties are clean, modest and offer the best pre-game breakfasts anywhere. The hospitality and service we have experienced across the British Isles has been exceptional. We are proud of the relationships we have built with these local B&Bs and know you’ll enjoy staying in these lovely local accommodations. Among our best friends in the British Isles are the owners of some of these wonderful B&Bs.


Dormy Houses

Dozens of courses across the British Isles offer Dormy House rooms. These are on-site accommodations that allow the golfing traveller to experience more of that local club’s life and are one of our favorite ways to stay! These courses will typically permit our guests to use the full club facilities including dining for all 3 meals plus full use of their bar. This is a wonderful way to meet local club members and to enjoy the full private club experience.

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