Travel Royally

Travel Tips

  • Pack light. You won’t need as much clothing as most people think. Prior to your trip, We’ll share a specific “What to Pack” list for YOUR trip
  • Do NOT nap when you arrive from N. America. Acclimating to the time difference as fast as possible is crucial to enjoying your trip and playing your best golf. Once you’ve arrived, remain active through the day, do not nap and go to bed at your normal time.
  • Switch the plan on your mobile phone to an international plan before departure and you’ll save tremendously on overseas roaming rates.
  • Invest in a great waterproof rain suit (pants & jacket), rain gloves and a waterproof hat.
  • Use a credit card that has no fees for international transactions. Transaction fees can add up quickly, so we recommend using these cards and/or carrying a fair amount of the local currency with you.
  • Bring an electrical outlet adaptor/converter for any plug-in items as the UK and Ireland have different electrical plugs.
  • Share your primary contact’s phone number at home with another member of your travel group in the event of an emergency. Similarly, share your medical and prescription drug information with one of your travel companions in case of emergency.
    • On the flight over, do not drink alcohol, drink as much water as possible and sleep at least 4-hours. You’ll arrive in much better condition, ready to take on your adventure.
    • Use ATMs and not currency exchange outlets. ATMs always have the best exchange rate.
    • Pay for the GPS system on your rental car in order to save big money on your mobile data charges. This is a much cheaper way to use a GPS system.
    • When calling home use Apple’s FaceTime at no charge when using wi-fi or use the free mobile phone/video/chat app “WhatsApp” – make sure those you’re calling have the app as well and calls are free when you are on a wi-fi network.
    • Save your receipts for the goods you purchase to receive a VAT (Value-added-tax of 23%) refund. Goods being material products, not services including hotels, car rental, fuel, food and beverages. Ask retailers for your receipt and VAT form, then turn in the forms and receipts at a VAT refund kiosk at your airport.
    • Make a photocopy of your passport, keep a copy stored on your smartphone and a hard copy in a place separate from your actual passport. If your passport is lost or stolen, this will make getting a replacement passport much easier.
    • Share your itinerary with your loved one(s) so they know where you are and how to reach you in the case of an emergency.
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